Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I keep learning ... over and over again!

No matter what, fried foods might be vegan, but they aren't good for you!

Vegan stuff full of sweeteners and oil is still not good for you ... you get fat!

Yes Kevin ... potato chips are vegan if they don't have milk products. Wanna get fat?

If you skim the foam off the top of the beans when they cook they don't make you so gassy! Nice!

Chefs like to be challenged ... most of the time. Only once have I been told "your not in a freaking vegan restaurant .... so pick something off the menu!" I didn't. 

When making vegan ice cream, use fresh soy milk or it tastes very strong of soy. Or ... try almond milk.

People seem fascinated by the changes in my skin and my body. What am I going to do with the extra skin? Is it vegan friendly if I make a man purse out of it?

You cannot make somebody decide to do this. After four months the other half still wants a slab of beef and when I ask what he wants for dinner ... it is always "veal" ... the cruelest meat of all.

It is not as hard as one thinks. There are tons of healthy, yummy options.

I am not alone ... and I love it no matter what others think.

Wolverine is a vegan ... muscles rock!

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