Sunday, January 16, 2011

Status as of Friday!

So, I went to the doctor because I did something to my shoulder. I guess working out is hard on an old man because I messed up my rotator cuff ... but, the good news is he walked in and asked where the rest of me had gone! I guess I hadn't noticed so much, but my love handles are practically gone, my face definately looks thinner and I feel incredible ... other than the shoulder.

I haven't had a hard time adapting to eating like this. I find cooking is a fun challenge, not a problem. I have been collecting cookbooks like a library and pour through them while watching TV or making my shopping list ... which I actually do now so I don't forget to buy the next new thing I have read about and want to try. It is fun. I feel awesome and look pretty hot too.

The other half has not settled into it as easily. I made a vegan Sheppard's Pie and he asked for meat. Okay, it's not for everybody. When we go out for breakfasts on the weekend's I order oatmeal, dry toast and fruit while he has the scrambled eggs and as much bacon as he can legally get on one plate ... and I don't miss it.  Feeling good taste better than any of that stuff, at least for me.

In a couple of weeks I will bet my blood tests done and we will see how well I am doing with the cholesterol and triglycerides. I am optimistic ...:) Today though, I have more vegan ice cream, this time fresh blackberry, in the freezer! 

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