Thursday, March 3, 2011

My "Puck'n" Soup!

So tonight I was on a meeting until around 7:30 and I knew Richard would be hungry when he got here. Not ordering vegan pizza again ... so I grabbed my Wolfgang Puck food processor and threw in an onion to grate it along with some garlic. Threw that in a stock pot with some olive oil and went back to the "Puckinator" as it is affectionately known. I changed the blades and ran through some carrots to slice them ... then on the same blade I ran through some baby red potatoes I scrubbed.

I put all that in the pot and added two boxes of veggie broth, some frozen corn, a little turmeric and cumin along with some salt and pepper. Looked watery so I through in some left over lentils, a little brown rice and some mixed beans. Now it is nice, thick and hearty ... but it looked bland, so I added in a bag of baby organic spinach! Fantastico!

Dinner is soup with some whole wheat pita bread and a glass of water or whatever ... red wine would go nice. The point is I whipped this up in a matter of minutes and it is totally vegan, healthy as can be and totally and utterly delicious! It seems that Puck and I are gonna be very good friends ...:P

Cheers ... it is dinner time at my house!

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